Food Facility @ Mediamatic

Barcamp Amsterdam is over but our host and venue provider Mediamatic gave Roland and me a peek at an exhibition that they’re working on: Food Facility!

Marti Guixé and Mediamatic invite you to FOOD FACILITY, conTEMPORARY eatery for those dining in restaurant comfort with living room mentality. Based on digital search engines Food Facility is symptomatic of the change in analogue thinking and acting after the emergence of internet. Meet the FOOD HOST, the FOOD ADVISER, and the FOOD DJ and order your take away with a twist. – Food Facility. For reservations dial 06 33768810

The walls will be plastered with paper containing Google search results so blog about it and you may end up as wallpaper in the Food Facility restaurant! It is soon to be reviewed in the New York Times & Domus. The concept sounds awesome:

FOOD FACILITY: Food Facility is a working prototype restaurant where
the central kitchen is replaced by kitchens of existing take-out
restaurants in the area. You are invited to make a choice from the menu
of these take-outs and consume your order at Food Facility.

I will definitely make a reservation 😉 (but then again I live in the neighbourhood)

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1 Response to “Food Facility @ Mediamatic”

  1. 1 Arne Hendriks October 26, 2005 at 8:43 am

    Thanks for the interest. I do believe it will be the bomb (as marti likes to put it himself). I do advise to reserve in time as there is limited (but not that limited) capacciity for eaters.

    Hope to see you there on the opening, or else try a friday or saturday in the next 7 weeks. Its only temporary.

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