Business Administration 2.0

At the Barcamp/DrupalCon pre-meet&greet in Cafe de Jaren I talked to Henri Poole former CEO of Mandrake and boardmember of the Free Software Foundation and now a consultant at CivicActions. We didn’t talk very long but one of the things that hit me that he said while I was telling about myself and my studies at the VU. The point he made is that business education is moving slow and that with technology you’re much more operating- and are able to operate at the forefront. The curriculum of Business Administration, the master I am following is still stuck in its roots stemming from the 60’s,70’s and some 80’s. Now we can argue about the fact that my education is scientific first and foremost and not very practible. Agreed. And that some of the macro highlevel courses that are teached are quite useful for an overal view. Agreed. But if we want to participate in our current society it doesn’t hurt us to look at how business is being done right now. Taking my particular specialisation at the VU which is ebusiness & ICT you could argue that we could learn a lot from the (IT) entrepeneurism of the past years and which recently took off again with Web 2.0 (the whole ‘Web 2.0 story’ is a very different debate,  I will blog about it at a later time 😉 Over in the US there are already initiatives like Startup School and I believe MIT has a course in entrepeneurism. I.E. some participating in current trends of business wouldn’t be so bad for my university’s curriculum.

So in short:

  • macro/high level business stuff = good
  • looking at how business is done today = also good
  • participating = always good

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